Deities of Arcur

Mundael the Crusader (Lawful Good)
Mundael is the God of Justice, and represents righteousness, law, and the endless crusade against the wicked and corrupt. His sworn enemies are Sycrythax and Ardothon, and combats them at every turn. He is the god of righteous fury, and his temples can be found wherever the forces of evil threaten to destroy the servents of the light, though almost never found in Callarea. His is the Patron Deity of Lethray, where to not worship him is considered a criminal offense. He is a stern and unforgiving deity, demanding that his followers seek out the forces of darkness wherever they lie and destroy them with holy fire, never showing mercy to the wicked under any circumstances.
Mundael’s domains are: Law, Wrath, Good, Destruction, and Inquisition.

Ranallios the Lightbringer (Neutral Good)
Ranallios is the God of the Sun, and represents benevolence, kindness, and the sanctity of life. He is a god of healing and purity, and his clerics are often regarded as the greatest healers in all of Arcur. His temples can be found throughout the world, even in Lethray where he is the only deity other than Mundael the Crusader whose worship is permitted (though in Lethray he is not given nearly as much standing). Ranallios demands little of his followers – heal the sick or injured, show mercy to the deserving, and protect the innocent. While Ranallios does not demand that his followers actively seek out and destroy the wicked as ferociously as Mundael does, the God of the Sun does command that his followers destroy any undead they encounter, as they represent a cruel mockery of the sanctity of life, which Ranallios holds sacred above all else.
Ranallios’ domains are: Sun, Good, Healing, Glory, and Purification.

Selraia, The Shrouded Maiden (Chaotic Good)
Selraia is the Goddess of the Moon, and represents aspects of both mystery and knowledge. She is the goddess who holds most sway over all things mercurial, and finds followers among the ranks of Wizards and Rogues alike. She has temples in many lands, even one or two in Lethray, though her worship there is kept deeply secret. She is the Patron Deity of Callarea, where her worshippers are by far the most prevalent. The Shrouded Maiden asks little of her followers save their worship, and prefers not to inhibit the desires of those who worship her. However, she does gently encourage those under her patronage to seek knowledge and secrets when the opportunities present themselves.
Selraia’s domains are: Magic, Trickery, Dream, Luck, and Knowledge.

Falcren, The Pale King (Lawful Neutral)
Falcren is the Lord of the Underworld, and represents death and fate. He is the deity who judges the souls of the fallen and determines where they shall spend eternity. Falcren has few active followers in Arcur, and there are very few temples in his name, but he does not seem to mind. In the hearts of all living things there is a hidden respect for the Pale King and what he represents, and that seems to be all he needs to sustain himself. His followers are tasked to punish those who would escape his judgement, and as such is never found as the patron to necromancers or sentient undead. His clerics are cold, unforgiving individuals who serve their duties with solemn resignation – they are either the executioners or undertakers of Arcur. However, they can also find themselves instruments of the Pale King’s reckoning, and are capable of terrible powers when their Lord demands it of them. Woe betide the subject of the the Pale King’s Ire.
Falcren’s domains are: Death, Oracle, Pact, Cold, Pestilence.

The Heartmother (Neutral)
Next to Ranallios, The Heartmother recieves the most worship from the denizens of Arcur. She is the Goddess of Nature, the lifebringer, the keeper of the balance of the world. She has many faces, as innumrable as the faces of nature itself. Her followers can be found in most parts of the world, but nowhere is she given as much respect as she is in Utand, where the Druid’s Circle ensure that the country follows in her views of balance and harmony with nature. She never asks anything of her followers, but those who do know better than to make themselves enemies of the wild places in the world.
The Heartmother’s domains are: Animal, Plant, Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Weather, and Travel.

Kethedrae the Blooded (Chaotic Neutral)
Kethedrae is the Goddess of War, representing conflict and violence. She is not evil, just wrathful and violent, reveling in the glory of warfare and battle. Her temples – if they can be called such, more often resembling barracks or armories – are found in many countries, as few would go to battle without the blessing of she who commands war. She is a very popular deity in Orur, where lies a massive temple to her glory hidden deep within the mountains. She asks that her followers never back down from the chance of a great battle, and never show cowardice or weakness to any.
Kethedrae’s domains are: Strength, War, Destruction, Domination, Competition

Sycrythax, Lady of Torment (CE)
~Evil, Chaos, Pain, Bestial, Madness

Ardothon, God of Dominion (LE)
~Evil, Darkness, Corruption, Diabolic, Destruction

Minor Deities

Other deities are worshipped in various ways and places around the world, but these are not nearly as powerful as those in the main pantheon. Worship of these deities are usually either region specific or specific to the lower races.

Ish’Nakai, Deity of Goblinkind

Deities of Arcur

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