Redeemed Paladin


A tall, incredibly handsome High Elven warrior from Lethray, Verathan radiates an aura of confidence, heroism, and honor. He is a Paladin of considerable skill and power, such that his name is known throughout Lethray and by almost all in the Sword Caste.


Verathan is an old and venerated member of the Sword Caste of Lethray, who had come to Norianir as a part of a holy pilgrimage that he had travelled for many decades. During that time, he accidentally caused the death of innocent children, and for his pride and failures he was stripped of his grace and power by Mundael the Crusader. No longer a Paladin, Verathan travelled the land seeking redemption for his sins.

In this quest, he came upon the small town of Oaken Hollow, where he discovered the sinister actions of the cult there. However, without his powers as a Paladin and lacking armor or blade – and carrying a curse not to wield either – Verathan could not hope to challenge the cult alone. He formed a group of rebels in the woods working to destroy the Sycrythaxian murder cult, but faced little success until the timely arrival of the party. With their aid, he was able to destroy the cult and rescue the children they held captive. With a prayer from Ferindel, The Crusader looked upon his actions and deemed Verathan worthy once more, restoring his position and his power.

Since then, Verathan has wandered the region helping those in need and working to protect the common folk from the rising threat of the Hobgoblin shaman’s horde. He has worked with the party on occasion, and has proven one of their most reliable allies in their time in Deepwatch and its surrounding territory.


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