The Speaker

Leader of the Lethray Ecclesiarchy


Very little is known about the appearance of The Speaker, as very few speak directly to the enigmatic leader of the Lethray Ecclesiarchy. Historical accounts refer to The Speaker differently in many accounts, with the singular similarity being that they are shrouded in a corona of holy light and speak with the authority of Mundael the Crusader himself.


The Speaker, by all records, predates all known historical records. It is known that this being, said to be an elf blessed by Mundael the Crusader with agelessness, was the founder of the Lethray Ecclesiarchy (though there are no records of how he did so, or what the High Elves had been doing prior to its foundation). Since then he has sat in the citadel of Vashnian and overseen his lands, leaving most of its governance to subordinates. When he does leave the citadel it is only for the most grave of circumstances, such as to destroy a deeply powerful force of evil that his paladins cannot bring down, such as the force behind Hellrime Keep that he destroyed at the end of the Frigid Crusade.

The only time the Speaker has not been in command of Lethray was during the Second Lethray Civil War, when he was usurped by Vathain the Heretic. It is unknown how the traitor managed to overpower the Speaker and exile him from Lethray, nor how he managed to keep the Speaker at bay for so long. During that time The Speaker walked in plain white robes, most features concealed by shimmering golden light.

Today, The Speaker is still considered a great mystery, though is regarded around the world as a paragon of what it is to be good. Many outside of Lethray – particularly the Scholars of Callarea – speculate that the Speaker is not a single being, but many taking the same name over the course of history. However, the Ecclesiarchy often calls such speculations heretical and challenging the power and will of Mundael the Crusader, and to draw such ire is still very dangerous even today as the Speaker commands the greatest army in all of Arcur.

The Speaker

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