King Turius VIII

High King of Norianir


Turius VIII is a young man often seen smiling. He wears his hair short and straight, and his eyes are bright and the color of gold caught in the sun. He has an energetic and youthful appearance, looking barely an adult. Though not as powerfully built as most of his line, he still carries a fit and athletic figure built more for speed than raw power.


The only son of the previous ruler of Norianir, High King Jacen III, Turius VIII took the throne at the young age of 16 after his father was taken by illness. He has only held the throne for a year, but strikes some controversy among his lords by the fact that he has yet to slay a dragon – as all high kings of Norianir are expected to do. The young king seems determined to be a king of kindness, mercy and wisdom, and has spent a great deal of time travelling the land and communing with his people. However, this means that most matters of state are settled by his royal council, and murmurs in the capital say that he is a king absent from the throne and not bearing the maturity needed to lead the kingdom prosperously.

Regardless, so far he is well liked by his kingdom’s people, and seems quite fiercely determined to be the best king that has sat the throne of Dragonfell in many an age.

King Turius VIII

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