Hobgoblin Warlord


Reports on Ish’Nakai’s appearance are rare and scattered, and often conflicting on the details. What remains the same through all accounts is that he is a tall and muscular Hobgoblin with dark grey skin and long black dreadlocks, covered in dark gold tattoos. Although he never wears armor or carries a weapon, he is the unquestioned leader of the massive goblinoid horde that has amassed in the forests on the eastern border of Norianir, and all in his army make a wide berth where he goes.

Most disturbingly, rumors say that he has been seen alongside a dragon. While this claim has not been proven, the rumors have begun to spread throughout the region in hushed, panicked whispers.


Very little is known about Ish’Nakai save that his army obeys him without question. He has yet to personally lead a battle, but so far his lieutenants have offered him little success. However, the fact that he has lived in secret long enough to infiltrate most of the forest without being detected until recently hints at a dangerous cunning.

Beyond that, nothing is known.


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