Historical Figure: High King Turius I

First High King of Norianir


The man who would later be known as Turius the First was the son of a knight and a scullery maid at the beleaguered fortress of Wastewatch Keep in the year 90 years after the survivors of the eastern kingdoms of Castresanos. There he grew into a man under the constant threat of draconic invasion, with the burning wasteland that once held many verdant and rich kingdoms always in sight. Though the true dragons could have flown over the mountains, the vast fortress of Wastewatch Keep held back the hordes of land-locked dragonspawn, powerful creatures like a twisted mix of dragon and beast created by the Dragon King Siraknos to serve as the bulk of his army. Fortunately for the alliance of the western kingdoms, Siraknos was ill inclined to launch a full invasion without his ground forces. Because of this, Wastewatch fell under constant assault from hordes of dragonspawn led by their flying overlords.

By the time Turius came of age, both of his parents had already been killed by dragonspawn in their many surges against the fortress, and the fire for vengeance burned brightly in his chest. He had served in defense of the fortress scores of times before he was declared a man, and within a few months after coming of age he brought down his first true dragon. He proved very quickly to be warrior of mythic skill and strength, and rapidly became one of the greatest champions of the fortress and, in time, the alliance as a whole. Again and again, Turius would draw a Dragon into battle and bring it down. Eventually he rallied a number of other skilled knights to his cause, each one a skilled dragonslayer in their own right. Together they would venture into the wastes, seeking dragon roosts and purging them.

At the age of 41 he had over 50 dead dragons to his name, and countless dragonspawn to match. However, even with his prowess in battle the hordes of the Dragon King seemed endless and relentless under his leadership. Knowing that the only way to kill such a snake was to cut off its head, he took advantage of Siraknos’ hubris and challenged him to single combat. A month later, Siraknos and his vanguard arrived at Wastewatch Keep. The Dragon King unsurprisingly attempted to go back on his word, ordering the other dragons there to burn Turius and his men to ashes. The dragonslayer had prepared for such an eventuality, and powerful clerics from Lethray locked the two champions in a dome of impenetrable force. There, locked from their allies, the Dragon King and history’s greatest Dragon Slayer fought. And there did the Dragon King die.

Their leader dead, Siraknos’ armies quickly broke and scattered, and though several of Siraknos’ generals tried to take up the banner, they never posed nearly as great a threat. Turius led the alliance of western kingdoms in a great purge, hunting down and killing any dragon who tried to continue the long conflict. After only two years, the centuries-long Dragon War was over.

For his heroism and his ending of the continent’s longest and greatest war, the remaining kingdoms of Castresanos united under his rule. With the very bones of the Dragon King himself, Turius built his castle of Dragonfell, and from its throne began Norianir’s long dynasty of dragonslayer kings.

Historical Figure: High King Turius I

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