Duruk Stone-Fist

Captain of the Three Streams City Guard


Duruk is a tremendously muscular, rough-faced Stone Dwarf hailing from Three Streams who never smiles. Almost never seen without his custom made stone armor, the dwarf is unreadable as a cliff-face.


A fierce Stone Dwarf as stoic and silent as the stone armor he wears, Duruk has remained a staunch ally of the party on their journey. Favoring to fight with his stone-gauntleted fists instead of conventional weaponry, Stone Fist is an honorable man of few words, only speaking when necessary and always as blunt as the armor he wears. He takes his duty to the people very seriously, and would not hesitate to lay down his life in the defense of others.

Though he tells nobody of this, he is the younger brother of Baron Torygg of the northern reaches of deepwatch’s territory. The two of them are on very cold terms, however, based on some hidden slight of which neither speaks. However, given the strength of the anger that runs between them, the offense must have been grave indeed.

Duruk Stone-Fist

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