Legends of Arcur

Session 9

The Battle of Three Streams

The battle began with the party helping to repel an early assault group from the town, distracting the defenders while the main force of the orc army established a battle line. The party split their lines to help defend both the main gate and the walls from ladders, and managed to successfully repel the early assault. Once done, the party helped to clear the town and walls of stragglers before taking the battle to its next phase.

Under Stone-Fist’s suggestion, the party engaged in a small strike force to counter the enemy operations. The orcs had set up fire-archers on two hills outside of the city, and from that vantage were raining fiery death upon the beleaguered defenders of Three Streams. With only a few volunteers, the party seized one of the hills and cleared it of archers, taking the pressure off of Stone Fist and his men. From there, the party saw several catapults emerge from the forest and ready to destroy the gate and walls. Acting quickly, the party charged forward and captured them long enough to fire a shot at the archers on the second hill, killing most and scattering the rest.

Weary from the fighting, the party then turned to see six armored ogres charge from the forest towards the walls, their massive iron clubs strong enough to pose a threat to the defenses. Knowing that they were the only ones in a position to do so, they charged forward to engage the ogres. They were so tired from the fighting, however, that it nearly proved their end. All seemed lost for Thorneth, Caitranna and Ferindel when Hans at last rejoined the party, bursting from the forest with a flight of hippogriffs at his back. Encouraged by their comrade’s return and bolstered by the monsters of the wood, the party emerged victorious over the ogres and took a moment to heal their injuries.

However, when the ogres fell a terrible roar came from the forest. Trees were knocked aside as a massive five-headed hydra – with a Hobgoblin commander riding it – burst from the tree line to handle the party himself. With a terrible roar the monster charged the party, who prepared to face the enemy general head on.


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