Legends of Arcur

Session 7

Of Giants and conspiracies

After being tasked to clear out a band of rampaging giants in the lands of one of Lord Duncan’s Barons in order to clear up troops to send south to reinforce Three Streams, the party traveled east. There they found a band of ogres and a troll loose among the populace, destroying towns as they went. The party engaged them and, after a fierce battle, brought the monsters down. However, their defeat brought only questions.

The giants had been outfitted with well-fitted castle forged armor and weapons, equipment that it made little to no sense for the dull-witted brutes to be carrying. AlthoughDevan Grisbane, who had joined them for their journey, insisted that he doubted it was anything overly suspicious, the party remained convinced that someone was helping to outfit the enemy force.

When they returned to Deepwatch, the group was treated to a look into the city’s political field as Baron Willem Grisbane and Baron Alexander Lockheed engaged in a loud argument with one another. Though Lockheed rewarded the party handsomely for their efforts, their claims of the well-armored giants were dismissed by the court – largely upon the advice of Sir Devan, who insisted that the party was simply blowing things out of proportion. Thorneth voiced suspicions later that Devan might be a traitor, and the party settled down in a house provided them by Lord Duncan


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