Wastewatch Keep


Wastewatch Keep is the largest fortress in Castresanos. Having stood for well over 700 years, the tremendous fortress is the last – and best – line of defense between the Kingdom of Norianir and the threats lurking in The Waste. Sitting in the center of a relatively narrow pass between two impassable mountain ranges, the fortress includes a 300 foot high stone wall monitored by hundreds of watchtowers and smaller keeps. However, the Keep itself wards the only passsage through the great wall itself, making it the only real target for attempts from the Waste’s inhabitants to invate Norianir. Before they even reach the wall, an invasion force has to make its way through one of two narrow passes, each one watched and guarded by multiple smaller castles that will give the large army at Wastewatch Keep the time to prepare for the assault well in advance.

The wall is tested at various points almost daily, and while the occasional small group might be able to scale it and enter Norianir undetected, no army has ever had the slightest success in assailing the fortress.

For the last decade, Wastewatch Keep has been commanded by the High King’s own aunt, Lady Gwendolyn Brightshield, Champion of the Crown.

Wastewatch Keep

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