Three Streams


Three Streams is the largest town between Deepwatch and where the mountains of the Firesand Valley touch the Shadowdepths, lying a week’s travel south of Deepwatch along the river. Named for the convergence of three smaller waterways before they join the larger river that leads to Inkdepth Lake, Three Streams began as a remote farming community before the land was purchased by the Grisbane Family. With the discovery of a nearby silver mine, the town flourished and grew prosperous for a time, once a major hub of transit and commerce. However, the silver ran dry far faster than anticipated, and soon Three Streams grew quiet and less populous. However, it is still the center of large stretches of fertile farmland, and a community of about four hundred call the town and surrounding area home. Three Streams today is only notable for being a walled city on a long, patrolled road between Deepwatch and the Goldkeep Highway which many merchants use as a shortcut rather than take the longer passage by around the Firesand Valley by way of the Golden Crossroads.

Notable places of Three Streams include:

The Naughty Nymph inn and tavern
The largest inn in Three Streams. Has two dozen rooms, with three beds a room. They have a few local ales on tap, and have a decent stock of good quality wines and meads. They are known for their house cider, made from apples from a local orchard. They have a modest menu of traveler’s fare, and is a common place for locals to dine when they have some spare coin.

Balgann’s smithy
Rolf Balgann is the local blacksmith, and services both the city guard and the locals for any needed metalwork. He mostly does repairs or makes metal building or farming materials, but makes weapons and armor good enough (and cheaply enough) that it’s more efficient for the city guard to get their wares from him as opposed to ordering from Deepwatch.

Second Stream Manor
The manor house at the center of the city, where the local mayor – Silas Greenbeard – lives. He is a jovial man, but not the best administrator the city could ask for. He generally seems more interested in appearances than running the city effectively.

There are two guardhouses in Three Streams, one by each of the two gates. Each one can house about 20 guards at a time, and the guards work on rotations of 8 hour shifts. There are about 70 men and women in the Three Streams City Guard, led by a Stone Dwarf commander, Duruk Stonefist.

Three Streams

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