The Crimson Hall


The Crimson Hall is a massive fortress hidden deep within Orur, in the middle of a haunted vale where no roads lead. It was the fortress built by the Blood Queen Raxaal Ma’ro, and the site of the largest act of mass murder in Arcur’s history. From here the Blood Queen orchestrated a campaign of horror upon the country with the aid of an army of ten thousand wraiths and other spectral horrors that lasted nearly a decade. It is a massive castle made of magically-strengthened obsidian, and the windows are all tinged red so that any light coming from within appears to an outside observer to be blood red. While it is not wholly unassailable, it remains one of the strongest defensive positions in Arcur.

Though with the defeat of the Blood Queen her ghostly army was destroyed, the land around the Crimson Hall has been forever tainted by evil and death. Plants do not grow in the vale surrounding the castle, the sky is always full of dark clouds, and the land is shrouded in an eerie red fog that smells slightly of blood.

Today, the Hall is under the protection of the Crimson Guard, an army of elite warriors and mages sworn to a single duty – to serve as the sentinels of the Crimson Hall’s prisoner lying deep within the bleak dungeons of the castle: Raxaal Ma’ro herself. There she rots in her prison, powerless but undying, endlessly plotting a revenge that – so long as the Guard stands – will never come to pass.

The Crimson Hall

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