The Brotherhood of Blackguards


Formed by the Heretical Prelate of the Lethray Ecclesiarchy, Vathain Sa’Tonavus, The Brotherhood of Blackguards was intended to be a dark reflection of the Lethrayan Sword Caste. Formed of Paladins wholly fallen from grace, the Brotherhood was once feared throughout Arcur, and was unchallenged in lethray as brutal and deadly warriors.

With the defeat of Prelate Vathain and the revival of the Ecclisarchy, the Brotherhood was driven into deep hiding. Now all but a shadow of its former power, the Brotherhoos remains little more than a thorn in the side of Lethray. Every few years another cult is discovered and quickly stamped out, but somehow it always manages to revive. It is believed that they have a temple somewhere in the Ruthrunel forest, but such a base has yet to be discovered, if it even exists.

With the death of Vathain and most of his lieutenants, it is unknown who currently leads the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood of Blackguards

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