Of all the countries in Arcur, Orur is by far the least explored and the least tamed. It is known by many as the savage lands – not because the people are lawless or savage themselves, but rather because the land itself is uncontrollable and dangerous. Strange creatures roam the forests and hills of Orur, and worse still lurk in the deep jungle that lies at its northern border. The people of Orur are hardened against their unforgiving land, leading them to a culture based on the strength of the individual and a deep respect for the balance between life and death.

History is something that few in Orur give more than a passing attention to, and as such little is known about the land’s foundation. It is known that there were many nomadic tribes that wandered the lands, and that much of the early history of the region was soaked in dozens of bloody wars. It is further unknown when the conflicting tribes were first brought under one banner to form a unified system of government. The people of Orur have been in contact with the kingdoms of Castresanos since before historical recollection, though were second to make contact with the distant land of Lethray. This is greatly due to the legendary skill of the country’s shipwrights. Using secrets closely guarded by Orur’s craftsmen, the ships of Orur are without equal, and their sailors have been able to navigate the oceans for centuries.

Orur’s society is matriarchal, centered on a deep respect for women’s ability to create life. Women are almost always the country’s leaders, decided through martial challenges upon the death of the previous leader. Women likewise form the majority of the country’s military while the men generally turn their efforts to farming and other labor.

Politically, Orur has alliances with the Kingdoms of Norianir and Callarea, but is neutral with others. They have not had any relations with Utand since their war, but this is more out of disinterest than dislike – the people of Orur rarely hold grudges.

Favored Class: Ranger.

Religion: Kethedrae is the most commonly worshipped deity in Orur, followed by many followers of Ranallios and the Herartmother.


Human – Not many humans make their homes in Orur, preferring the comparative safety of the nearby Kingdom of Norianir.
Elf – Orur is the homeland of the Wild Elves, and they are found here in abundance. Sylvan Elves are rarer, but not hard to find. High Elves are all but absent from the country, only found in the largest cities and even then in small number.
Dwarf – There are some Stone Dwarves in Orur, living primarily in the mountain range near the end of the peninsula. Iron Dwarves do not come to the country.
Kor – There are more Kor in Orur than in any other nation in Arcur. The savagery of the land suits their strength and ferocity, and making Orur the perfect homeland for the race of outcasts.
Halfling – Halflings are poorly suited to the harshness of Orur, and are almost never found here.
Gnome – Gnomes are even more poorly suited to Orur than the Halflings, rarely visiting the land and never making homes there.


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