The United Kingdom of Norianir is the largest nation in Arcur. Once made up of dozens of warring minor kingdoms, they were united under the legendary Hero-King Turius I after his defeat of the Dragon King Siraknos after almost 250 years of war against Dragonkind. Since then Norianir has established itself as a powerful kingdom that values honor and might above all things, as many of its people aspire to rise to greatness and heroism as did their first high king.

Norianir follows a system of feudal hierarchy, with the rule of the High King descending through ranks of lords and governors. While individuals of worth can find ways to ascend through the ranks, it is often difficult to do so due to lack of opportunity. While once accomplishing deeds of great heroism could lead to lordships or even higher positions of authority, in modern days there are too few threats within the boundaries of the kingdom to land much in the way of titles. As such, most lordships are passed down through hereditary lines which as led to many lords growing complacent in their holdings. Because of this many people in Norianir believe that the kingdom has abandoned its heritage of heroism and honor above all, seeing that few of the men and women of power in the kingdom have done much, if anything, to earn what they have.

Norianit boasts Arcur’s largest professional military, despite the lack of any major threat to their borders since the end of the Dragon Wars over 700 years ago. Indeed, the last time the kingdom was involved in any war at all was when it supported The Speaker in the Second Lethray Civil War nearly three centuries ago. After that, the only threats that have raised their heads are the occasional goblin or orc uprising from the mountains, but those have never achieved any level of true danger and have always been put down within a year. Despite this, the kingdom was forged through the fires of the most devastating war that Arcur has ever known, and the virtues of strength and security come as second nature to its people.

Curiously, Dragons have also been raised to a level of notable significance in Norianir despite the land’s troubled history with their kind. Dragons play a major role in many of the kingdom’s cultural staples, and feature heavily in its art and architecture. Dragons are still a relatively common sight in Norianir (comparatively to the other nations, at the very least) and slaying them is one of the sure ways to earn lorships or knighthoods. The highest title of honor and glory that one can earn in Norianir is that of Dragonslayer, which can only be earned by facing a Dragon alone in battle and emerging the victor. Long ago it was said that only the first prince or princess of the previous High King to become a Dragonslayer could sit upon the golden throne of Castle Dragonfell, but that tradition has been abandoned for centuries.

Favored Class: Knight.

Religion: The most commonly worshipped god in Norianir is Ranallios, with significant worship of Mundael and The Heartmother. Scattered temples to the other gods can be found, though the temples to Ardothon and Sycrythax are rare and well hidden.


Human – The most common race in Norianir, they can be found throughout the kingdom.
Elf – Elves are rare in Norianir, as there are no varieties of their kind native to the land. Visitors from other nations can be found, but they are very few and far between.
Dwarf – Stone Dwarves can be found in huge numbers in Norianir, mostly in the North-east reaches of the kingdom. There were many of the old kingdoms that were wholly made up of Dwarves, but their old lands were destroyed in the Dragon Wars. Iron Dwarves almost never travel to Norianir, as sea travel makes them uncomfortable.
Kor – The Kor are often found in Norianir, though are not treated especially well by its inhabitants in the eastern reaches. The common uprisings of orcs and goblins in that part of the kingdom have led to them being looked upon with suspicion, despite the racial history of hatred between the Kor and the other goblinoids.
Halfling – Another common sight, Halflings can be found throughout the central heartlands of the kingdom, where their race first flourished.
Gnome – Gnomes are found exclusively on the western coast of Norianir, usually as merchants or representatives of the Mostiyr trading/mercantile guilds.


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