Mostiyr is the smallest country in Arcur, commanding only a relatively small island in the Golden Sea. However, despite its size, Mostiyr is perhaps the most important country in all of Arcur. For as long as any histories can recall, the Gnommish homeland of Mostyir has remained a place of technological marvels, and a seaborne trading post between the two continents. The entire island is dominated by a single city: The Metropolis of Brinewind, the city of a million markets. While the name may be an exaggeration, it cannot be denied that almost anything imaginable can be found in the island-nation’s massive and innumerable marketplaces if you have the coin. From items as mundane as food and clothing to dragon eggs and magical artifacts, if you need an item you can be almost assured that it’s somewhere on Mostiyr.

Mostyir is the homeland of the Gnomes, and they remain in control of the central government of the island. The city’s 27 districts each have a democratically elected official that sits on a council to represent their district’s interests in the governance of the city state as a whole. There is no position that commands higher authority than any single member of the council, and matters of law are determined by debate and consensus. Elections are held every 7 years, and a single councilman is able to serve as many times as they are elected. Given the long lifespan of Gnomes, the

Maintaining political neutrality and maintaining law and order within the borders of the island are the matters of tantamount importance to the ruling council. One would imagine that a small island with such a high concentration of wealth and magical and technological treasures would be under constant threat, particularly when the native race of the island is poorly idealized for warfare. Stories tell that in ancient days many countries rolled over the Gnomes with impunity, but eventually a the people decided to take matters into their own hands. According to rumor, that is when Mostiyr’s army of golems and other constructs was first raised. Today, thousands of constructed enforces of law and order patrol the streets of Brinewind ensuring continued peace within the city state. Since the establishment of this military police force, none have tried to attack Mostiyr in fear of the relentless metal armies sure to fall upon them – not to mention being denied access to the markets of the island, which every country relies on to obtain one essential resource or another. Indeed, it is said that all lands in Arcur would fall into ruin of some kind should the markets ever close.

Politically, Mostiyr maintains a stance of mercantile neutrality. Any and all peoples are welcome within the borders of the island nation so long as they obey the law and remain civil with all others on all things. Acts of violence are swiftly answered in force by golems and other magically animated constructs, invariably ending in the perpetrators incarceration and eventual deportation to their homeland.

Favored Class: Sorcerer.

Religion: All. There are temples to all deities (even the minor ones) to be found in the country. No deity is given higher status than the others, and those with citizenship are welcome to worship as they please so long as doing so does not break the overarching law of the nation.

Races: While all races are welcome to visit and even purchase property in Mostiyr, Gnomes are the only race given the rights of full citizenship (such as the ability to vote and run in the country’s elections). Because of this, very few non-Gnomes stay for more than a few weeks, though a few enterprising merchants have found it advantageous to move to the island permanently.


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