Humans are among the most common races in Arcur, found in every country across the world. They are generally adaptable, and come from all walks of life and pursue many motives and many roles. Unlike many other races in Arcur, Humans rarely hold themselves to a racial identity, and are much more likely to identify themselves as members of their home towns, regions, or countries than the fact that they are humans. Though they are found everywhere in the world and have natives in every country, many mistakenly believe that Norianir is the Human homeland given their significantly higher numbers there.

Humans usually stand between five and a half to six feet tall, but otherwise range in many different appearances. Their hair color, eye color and skin tone range dramatically, even in the same towns.

Racial Traits
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 feet
Homeland: None
Average Lifespan: ~85-100 years
Ability Modifiers: None
Specialized Training: At first level, Humans gain a bonus feat. They must fit the prerequisites for the feat, but otherwise may choose any feat they desire.
Fast Learner: At first level, Humans gain an additional 4 Skill Points. Furthermore, they gain one additional skill point every subsequent level they gain.
My grandfather slew dragons with this… First level humans may select a single exotic weapon. They may treat that weapon as a martial weapon. Alternately, they may select a single martial or simple weapon, and instead gain a +1 Racial bonus on all attacks made with that weapon.
Built to Adapt: At first level, Humans gain either +1 to two abilities of their choice or +2 to one ability of their choice.
Automatic Languages: Common
Bonus Languages: Any (barring secret languages)


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