Deepwatch is one of the largest cities in Norianir, and was once the capital city of one of the old kingdoms of Castresanos before High King Turius I united them under the banner of Norianir. Deepwatch has long served as a bastion standing between Norianir and the vast forrest known as the Shadowdepths, which historically have been host to all assortment of monsters. More importantly, Orc and Goblin armies often use the Shadowdepths as cover when they descend from the mountains to attack the Kingdom. While the city does not claim to along guard the entire forest line, it has for centuries been the home of large numbers of soldiers dedicated to answering such threats wherever the emerge.

The city is large and build predominantly of stone, as wooden buildings rarely last long given the intense storms that often descend from the mountains bordering Norianir and The Waste. It boasts the second most fortified wall in Norianir, second only to Norianir’s throne city of Dragonfell. Built upon a hill, the streets are narrow and winding, designed to be easily fired upon from the roofs of buildings closer to the city’s center, showing that defense against assault was foremost on the mind of whoever built the city. At the heart of Deepwatch lies a massive castle warded by more walls and a wide clearing where attackers have no cover from arrows and spells fired at them from the castle’s high tower.

The territory of Deepwatch is large, stretching many leagues in every direction, from the northern river towards Winterhelm to the Goldkeep Highway. All the regional barons and landed knights in this region are sworn to the Lord of Deepwatch, a title currently held by Lord Duncan Black.


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