Callarea is the largest country in and second oldest country on the continent of Sendaiya. Founded by the powerful archmage Tirandis, Callarea was forged from ideas of religious freedom and tolerance. For untold centuries the Ecclesiarchy of Lethray had repressed any who worshipped any deities other than Mundael the Crusader and Ranallios the Lightbringer. In 560 BU, a group of powerful arcane spellcasters were attacked by members of the Alabaster Order – a branch that was then dedicated to hunting down and exterminating worshippers of all other deities – for the crime of maintaining a temple to Selraia, the Shrouded Maiden. However, the mages repelled the inquisition’s forces, and under the guidance of Tirandis raised a large rebellion against the Ecclesiarchy.

When the rebellion ended in 531 with Lethray surrendering to the Sepratists, Tirandis began work establishing his dream of a Utopian society. His first established the famous Mage’s College, offering education in the arcane arts to anyone dedicated enough to pursue them. The country opened trade routes with Orur, Mostiyr, and many of the kingdoms of Castresanos. The country accumulated great wealth by establishing a corner on the intercontinental market for magic items and weapons. In the early years of the country’s existence, all were welcome within its borders regardless of race or affiliation. Sadly, the ideals of universal tolerance would not survive for long.

Archmage Tirandis died in 359 BU, and with his death came the beginning of Callarea’s slow cultural decline. Tirandis’ successor, and those who came after, were all members of the Mage’s College – powerful mages who believed that arcane power was a sign of one’s status and rights. Though Tirandis worked through his life to make Callarea a place of tolerance and equality, after his death the country rapidly transformed into a Magocracy, where one’s value and status was determined by their magical potence. Suddenly disenfranchised of much of their former status, many of Callarea’s citizens were left destitute. To make things worse, the mage’s college began charging tuition for its teachings which many in the country could not afford. Within a decade of Tirandis’ death, most of the nation’s wealth was in the hands of the mages.

Crime soared in the lower class, and Callarea became host to a prominent criminal underworld of smugglers, thieves and assassins. The aloof government rarely acknowledged the plight of the average citizen, leaving them to the mercy of the warring cartels. The only way that members of the lower class could escape from the crime-ridden slums was to manifest magical ability independently of the college, becoming sorcerers or warlocks. That, however, ended with the failed revolution of 199 AU, when a group of soldiers failed to overthrow the Callarean government. The new archmage, General Lucas Darkwind, passed a law declaring such spellcasters enemies of the state. After this law, self-manifested mages were hunted down and killed unless they could manage to escape across the Utand or Lethray border. Death came to the lucky ones, however – warlocks would be captured and brainwashed instead of killed, transformed into nearly mindless shock-troops of the Callarean military. The government put a large bounty on such individuals, and the crimnal cartels of Callarea have made considerable profit by bringing them to the mage’s college – whether they were taken from within Callarea’s borders or kidnapped from abroad being a matter of little concern.

Despite their allies frowning on their political behavior, the threat of losing access to the powerful magical wonders of Callarea is enough of a deterrent that none dare do anything to change the country’s laws. Callarea is the most financially influential country in the known world, surpassing even the Mostiyr. Gold has become the true power in Callarea, and many wonder who was truly running the country – the Archmages or the cartels. Few know for sure, and fewer still would dare try to take power from those who have it. Callarea is a dangerous place for the unwary, but a feasting ground for the ambitious and unscrupulous.

Politically, Callarea still has alliances with Orur, the Kingdom of Norianir and Mostiyr. They have political enemies is neighboring Lethray and Urand, but there has been no serious danger of actual war between the countries in centuries.

_Favored Class_: Members of the Mage’s College have the favored class of Wizard. Those who do not have any magical talent (or those who simply cannot afford the college’s tuition) have the favored class of Rogue.

*_Religion*_: Though all religions are tolerated in Callarea, the country’s inhabitants overwhelmingly show devotion to Selraia the Shrouded Maiden.


Human – While not uncommon, there is a lower percentage of humans in Callarea than any other nation on the continent.
Elf – Few. While the arcane nature of Callarea is a draw for many elves, there are more welcoming homes for the High Elves in Lethray and for Wood Elves in Utand. Wild elves are known to occasionally travel to Callarea, but many find the industrial/city nature of the country repelling.
Dwarf – Stone Dwarves are a very common sight in Callarea, with the occasional Iron Dwarf found here and there.
Kor – Though Kor rarely turn to the arcane arts, they are a surprisingly common sight in the country serving the interests of the cartels.
Halfling – Halflings are all over Callarea and can be found in equal measure on both sides of its society, as they serve well as mage and criminal alike. They outnumber the humans by a slight margin.
Gnome – More than any country outside of Mostiyr itself, Gnomes can be found relatively easily in Callarea. It is said by some that the country worships the coin, and the Gnomes have capitalized on that to forge an extremely lucrative relationship with the Archmages and cartels alike.


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