Shard of the Pure Soul

weapon (melee)

The Shard of the Pure Soul is a longsword that has been lost for centuries. Though its powers were known to be great, history has forgotten its exact qualities.

The Shard of the Pure Soul is a Major Artifact.

+??? Longsword
Presumed Holy


The Shard of the Pure Soul was the weapon wielded by only the most powerful Paladin of Lethray’s Sword Caste. Said to be the weapon from whence the caste earned his name, The Shard carried powers supposedly unmatched by any weapon ever forged. Some say that it was once wielded by Mundael the Crusader himself, passed down to paladins to carry on his crusade.

Many battles have been witness to displays of the Shard’s power. It was carried by commander of the Frigid Crusade up to the gates of Hellrime Keep, and stories say that it brought destruction to hundreds of devils. The Speaker took the blade with him into Hellrime Keep, and it is widely believed that the Shard dealt the killing blow to the unholy master of the Keep.

It’s last battle was against the powerful vampire, Baron Dalrakain in 899 BU. The Ecclisiarchy’s seven most powerful paladins ventured into the mountains at the border of Orur, where the vampire lord was leading his forces. Their leader carried with him the Shard. It is unknown where in the mountains the battle took place, or how it proceeded. All that is known is that though the vampire was defeated, it came at the cost of all seven Paladins who fought him. The Shard of the Pure Soul was lost with them, and has not been seen since the battle.

Over the centuries, many adventurers have ventured into the mountains in search of the Shard. Those few who return from the journey are often lacking their sanity, ranting about unholy spirits making prey out of any who venture too deep into the wilds. The mountain wilderness is believed by many to be cursed, irrevocably poisoned by the evil of the vampire lord. However, every year a group of paladins venture from Vashnian on a quest for the Shard, vowing to find the ancient blade or die trying. None on these quests are ever heard from again.

Shard of the Pure Soul

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