The Sword of High King Turius I

weapon (melee)

A large, heavy sword with an unusually broad edge. It shimmers with red when it catches the light, the metal supposedly stained with the blood of the Dragon King himself.


Legend says that the goddess Kethedrae the Blooded forged this sword for the great dragonslayer Turius to put an end to the Dragon Wars. Many scholars have theorized on what her motives might have been for this, but the prevailing theory is that had Siraknos found victory it would have been the destruction of all other races, and no wars would ever again occur. Other tales say that the blade was forged by the greatest smiths and enchanters from all around the world, made for the great hero who stood a chance of finally putting an end to Siraknos’ great conquests.

No matter the full truth, with Dragonscourge in hand no dragon could stand to defeat Turius the First. A strong and powerful blade, unusually heavy and broad, Dragonscourge proved to be the bane of dragonkind, and dozens of them fell to it. It was with Dragonscourge that Turius killed the Dragon King Siraknos in single combat, and with it he ended the Dragon Wars.

To this day Dragonscourge remains in the line of Norianir’s kings, passed down from ruler to ruler, and it still retains the honed edge to be used in battle against anything from the lowest goblin to the greatest Wyrm.

(Artist Wen. M)


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