Sir Devan Grisbane

Captain of the Deepwatch Silver Guard


A fiercely handsome young man, Devan Grisbane is looks very much like a young version of his father. With dark brown hair and bale blue eyes, he is as athletic and dashing as the heirs of Norianir nobility are expected to be. Often dressed in the silver and black armor marking him as a member of Lord Duncan Black’s personal guard, Sir Devan is a regular sight at Deepwatch Keep, usually standing at his lord’s side.


A young man of 23, Sir Devan Grisbane is one of the most promising knights of his generation. As the Heir of the wealthy and influential Grisbane family, Devan wanted for nothing during his youth, even though the first eleven years of his life were darkened by the constant threat of the ongoing war against a local orc warlord. He was trained from a young age to be a knight, and even served as Lord Duncan Black’s squire once the war was over from whom he learned much in both combat and military strategy. Knighted at the age of 16, Lord Duncan trusted Devan to lead several of the smaller excursions to crush small orc and goblin raiding parties, where he showed excellent leadership and combat ability.

At the age of 19 he married Lady Sylvia Brightshield, daughter of the prestigious General Gwendolyn Brightshield and cousin then Prince Turius VIII. Their son, Kevin, was born a year later.

After his fifth consecutive victory at the Deepwatch Summer Tournament – a major event which he had taken the prize for since earning knighthood – Ser Devan was offered the great honor of being the captain of Lord Duncan’s personal guard. He has served in this position with great distinction since then.

Sir Devan Grisbane

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