Rorick the Butcher

Wanted Murderer


Rorick is a massive and muscular man, even for a Kor. His skin is dark green, with a flat and unhandsome face whose nose is too large and eyes too beady. His hair is graying and unkempt these days, and his body is covered in numerous scars.

Oddly, several years ago Rorick was a well-liked and professional man, his dark brown hair pulled back neatly and his face often sporting a smile. The change in his appearance over the years is truly shocking, speaking much to the dangers that lurk deep in the forest where he is forced to hide.


For many years, Rorick was a respected and well liked member of the Three Streams community, considered one of the finest butchers in the region. His steaks were juicy and perfectly cut, keeping the most tender meat while cutting most of the fat. People came from miles around to sell him their livestock for the pleasure of buying the meat afterwards.

One day, however, Rorick went berserk in the middle of the day when a man was visiting his shop. Nobody knows what was said to Rorick, but all of a sudden the muscular Kor was on top of the customer, chopping him apart with his cleaver. When the guards came to subdue him, Rorick killed three of them before he fled for the northern gate. The alarm had yet to be raised when he got there, and the guards let him pass not knowing of his violent crimes thinking he was simply going out hunting for more meat to sell. That was five years ago.

Since then, Rorick has been seen several times in the woods around Three Streams, occasionally attacking farmers or small guard patrols. Several mercenaries have been sent into the forest to seek him, but most come back without a trace while others don’t return at all. Captain Stonefist believes that Rorick may be leading his own bandit gang somewhere southeast of the town, but very little evidence exists to support those suspicions, as there have been less than a dozen confirmed sightings since his departure from civilization.

Rorick the Butcher

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