Queen Astraia Melete

Queen of Orur


A giant of a woman, Astraia Melete stands almost seven feet tall, and has a build that looks as though it could crush mountains. She is generally considered the tallest Wild Elf in Orur, if not the whole of Arcur. With stern blue eyes and bright red hair, Queen Melete strike a powerful presence wherever she goes, be that on the field of battle or in the great keep of Ordu’Bai.


Astraia Melete is the current Queen of Orur, a flame-haired Wild Elf warrior known throughout the country as the fiercest warrior to grace the throne of Ordu’Bai in generations. Although she has only held the crown for three years, Astraia has yet to even lose a drop of blood in the challenges for the throne that she has received. Her skill at arms seems to have convinced the people of Orur of her worth, as none have challenged her for close to a year.

Queen Melete has had only a few diplomatic meetings her Orur’s allies, and has always hosted them at Orur’s capital rather than travelling abroad. While Orur is presently in a state of peace and prosperity, she refuses to travel far from her homeland so that she can be ready to defend it at a moment’s notice. Beyond that, not much about her is known outside of her inner circle – though if things continue as they have been, she is likely to become a capable and well loved queen.

Queen Astraia Melete

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