Lord Duncan Black

Lord of Deepwatch, Warden of the Shadowdepths


Duncan Black is a tall, brooding man with dark hair and a heavy brow. He is a powerfully built warrior, rarely seen without his signiature black and silver armor and accompanying greatsword. He is a severe man who rarely seems to blink, speaking with an intensity that demands submission and respect. His face bears the scars of many wars that he has fought to protect the Kingdom of Norianir.


Duncan Black was born in Deepwatch in the year 674 AU. The only son of one of the city’s more prominent blacksmiths – hence the name – Duncan began studying to take over his father’s business at a young age. His long hours spent working the forge and working the steel built the young man’s strength, and his familiarity with armor and weaponry led him to volunteer for the Deepwatch town Militia at the age of 16. Only a few months afterwards, he was called upon to defend his home town when a large orc horde emerged from the Shadowdepths. In their opening strike against the city, a group of orc infiltrators bypassed the city’s defenses and wreaked mayhem behind the walls. During this assault, Duncan’s family was killed and his home destroyed. The attack was barely repelled, but the Warlord leading the Orcs withdrew into the deep forests to regroup. With nowhere left to go and anger burning in his heart, Duncan Black took up arms and joined the army in earnest to be a part of the campaign to hunt down and kill the warlord to disperse the orc threat.

That campaign ended up lasting over 15 years, as the warlord proved far more cunning than the regional lords around Deepwatch expected. His horde seemed limitless, emerging from the Shadowdepths again and again to plague farmers and small towns before vanishing once more into the vast forest. It was during this war that the then Captain Duncan Black forged a close friendship with Lord Willem Grisbane, the heir to one of the wealthiest families in the area. The pair of them proved an effective team, and rapidly rose through the ranks of the Deepwatch army for bravery and skill, both of them eventually earning their own commands.

Things turned around for the Deepwatch Army with Duncan Black taking charge of its leadership. Now able to influence the army’s strategy, Duncan led several decisive victories over the orc horde, urging his forces aggressively into the forests and driving the orcs before him. Within 3 years of being given command, his talents earned him a knighthood from King Jacen III himself, and gave him command of the whole of Deepwatch’s forces. With the ability to fully orchestrate the military strategy, Duncan prepared a trap for the Orc Warlord at the city of Deepwatch himself. The warlord fell for the trick, and his horde was utterly crushed because of it. The war began and ended at the walls of Deepwatch, and it was just outside the main gate that Duncan and Willem personally engaged the warlord, and Duncan took his head.

During the campaign, the previous lord of Deepwatch and his heirs had been killed due to the early failures in the war that led to it lasting as long as it did. For his leadership, heroism and service to the kingdom, Duncan Black was chosen by the king to fill that void and become the new Lord of Deepwatch, which the warrior – now 31 – gracefully accepted.

Since then Lord Duncan has proven an able leader in peacetime and war alike, and stands as the vigilant warden of the Shadowdepths to prevent a debacle like the last orc war from happening again. Whenever a new host of orcs or goblins has threatened his people, he has personally led counterattacks of overwhelming force to stop the threat before it can truly begin. His hatred for orcs is well known, but it proves an asset towards the ferocity with which he defends his people.

In the end, Lord Duncan fell to betrayal at the hands of his longtime friend, Baron Willem Grisbane. Using some magic to disguise himself as Thorneth Toben, the baron stabbed Duncan in the back through the heart before fleeing the scene, successfully framing Thorneth and her friends for the crime.

Lord Duncan Black

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