Lady Silivrien

Leader of the Blackarrow Cartel


A strikingly tall and lean Sylvan Elf woman with dark red hair reaching down to near her waist, the Lady Silivrien could often be mistaken for Utandi nobility. Her choice of dress ranges from extravagant finery laced with jewels and fine silks more valuable than entire estates to sharp black scale armor. She rarely smiles and never seems to blink.


Unsurprisingly for a woman in her position, very little is known about Silivrien’s early years. Rumors range from her starting as a pickpocket on the streets of Espar to being a runaway from a noble family from Westmark. Earliest records of her begin in 573 AU, where she was arrested on suspicion of assassinating a wealthy merchant in Actona before her release due to lack of evidence. In the years that followed there were many accounts of her activities as an assassin and enforcer for multiple Callarean cartels, including several jobs that were widely believed to be paid for by the Archmage’s Council. By the time she bought her stately manor in the coastal city of Eureseos in 641, she was one of the most feared individuals in the expansive Callarean criminal underworld.

It came as no surprise when she was soon reported to be running her own criminal cartel based out of her new home city, her wealth and influence keeping the local officials from interfering in her business or daring to raid her home. Within a decade she had expunged or absorbed all other cartels in the city, and the influence of the newly-formed Blackarrow Cartel could be found as far away as the capital of Tirandis itself.

Since then she has come into conflict with many of the other powerful criminal organizations in the country, but none of them managed to stand against her for long. Many of the country’s criminals believe that the Lady Silivrien is secretly in control of all the country’s organizations save the Achmage’s Council, and smuggling operations and worse connected to the Blackarrow Cartel have been found in every major country in Arcur. Without a doubt, Silivrien is one of the most influential and dangerous individuals in Arcur, and those who cross her invariably meet a Gruesome end.

Lady Silivrien

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