Lady Gwendolyn Brightshield

Commander of Wastewatch Keep


Though undeniably fair of face, Lady Gwendolyn is otherwise very dissimilar to other ladies of noble families. She is more powerfully built than many knights, taller than most lords, and has slain more dragons than any other warrior of Norianir. She has golden hair hanging around the shoulders and bright green eyes, signs that her lineage can be traced to one of the closest friends and comrades of High King Turius I.


Gwendolyn Brightshield was the oldest of three children of the Brightshield family, the ruling family of the great Norianiri city of Bladereach. A long line of skilled warriors and dragonslayers, the Brightshield family traces it roots back to the days of Turius I where their scion was the closest friend and advisor to the man who would be the country’s first high king. The Brightshield family takes great pride in their warrior heritage, and Lady Gwendolyn proved no exception.

The aunt of High King Turius VIII by marriage – her younger sister was the previous High Queen – Lady Gwendolyn could spend have spent her life in luxury and opulence had she so desired. Instead she turned her life to the knight’s code and the life of a warrior. While not as prevalent as in the neighboring nation of Orur, warrior women are fairly commonplace in Norianir. Gwnedolyn Brightshield, however, is the most accomplished such in the nation’s long history. Much like Turius himself, at a young age she proved to be a remarkably skilled warrior with a particular penchant for hunting and slaying dragons. Though the monsters are not even close to as common now as they were seven centuries ago, they can still be found lairing on the fringes of civilization. Gwendolyn has spent a majority of her life tracking them and bringing them down, often single-handedly. Of those alive today, Gwendolyn Brightshield is the most proficient dragon slayer in the world, earning her the lofty title of Champion of the Crown.

Today, Gwendolyn Brightshield holds one of the most important commands in Norianir – the commander of the massive fortress of Wastewatch Keep. Every day she and her army faces invasion from the massive monsters of the Great Waste, from the armies of the Hobgoblin tribes trapped beyond the mountains to the swarms of dragonspawn – ancient, mutated monstors fused from dragons and other beasts that the Dragon King Siraknos used as his ground army during the dragon wars. She takes her duty with the gravity due to her position, but remains an active dragon hunter despite her position, taking monthly treks into the mountains to “keep her skills sharp.”

Lady Gwendolyn Brightshield

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