Historical Figure: Siraknos

Lord of the Dragons


Very little is known about the origins and history of the Dragon Lord Siraknos. Older than any of the kingdoms of Castresanos, the exact date of his hatching remains a mystery that will more than likely never be solved. What the historians of Arcur are certain of is that he was the most powerful dragon that history has ever recorded, both in the ways of magic and in sheer physical puissance. All other dragons knelt to his command, bent by his might of will and fang, and served him loyally and unquestioningly. It is speculated that he may have been the first of his race, a theory which is lent credence by his belief that dragons were the only creatures deserving kingdoms within the world. It was with this mindset that he emerged from the high peaks of the Ironrune Mountains in 241 BU with a legion of dragons at his command and began to lay waste to the northeastern kingdoms of Castresanos, in doing so beginning the Dragon Wars, the longest conflict in Arcur’s history.

Siraknos waged a war against the kingdoms like none they had ever faced before. Siraknos had no cities, had no fortresses, had no location upon which the forces of the kingdoms could march. Dragons would descend upon cities and castles, destroying everything in their way until either they were somehow fought off or nothing remained to destroy. As the kingdoms in the east of the continent fell one by one, alliances were formed between many of those that remained, and tens of thousands of refugees began to pour west beyond the mountains that cut Castresanos in two. Across the eastern kingdoms of Castresanos, Siraknos and his broods burned everything to ash, transforming the once fertile land of fields and forests into a barren wasteland that would never recover.

Years turned into decades, and decades turned into centuries, and Siraknos continued his slow, methodical purge of all the eastern kingdoms, which had been abandoned by their inhabitants to the dragons. Siraknos sent many attacks upon the western kingdoms as well, reducing many castles to rubble, weakening their abilities to resist for the day his dragons would inevitable swarm over the mountains and purge the west as they had the east. The dragon lord’s brutality was unquenchable, and he had no intention of stopping until dragons were the only sentient life in Arcur.

All that changed in 2 BU, when the legendary dragonslayer Turius issued a challenge to Siraknos directly to face him in a duel. Bloated on his hubris, Siraknos accepted, flying west to the ruined city of Wastewatch Keep. There Turius waited, seemingly alone, waiting with his blade in hand for the dragon lord’s arrival. Turius was the greates dragonslayer in known history, and had taken more of Siraknos’ children than any other single mortal ever had. When Siraknos saw Turius there, he flew into a great rage, ordering his vanguard to incinerate Turius. Turius, however, had expected such an act of cowardice from the dragon lord, and dozens of powerful clerics from Lethray emerged from hiding and erected magical wards, sealing Siraknos and Turius within the smouldering ruins of the dragonslayer’s birthplace. However, they offered him no further aid. Millions of people across the kingdoms watched through scrying as Turius faced down the dragon lord alone, and single-handedly bested the most powerful dragon who ever lived.


Historical Figure: Siraknos

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