Historical Figure: Raxaal Ma'ro

The Blood Queen of Orur


Raxaal Ma’ro is a tall and sekeltally thin figure, her face covered with a crimson veil. Once she would wear red silks and silver armor. Now she wears only her veil and a gown of chains, her sunken, pale skin clinging to atrophied muscles.


Raxall Ma’ro was an extremely powerful Wild Elf witch who rose to power in Orur almost a century after the end of the country’s war with the forces of Baron Dalrakain. An extremely powerful being, the Blood Queen posessed strange powers unlike any spellcaster that Orur had ever seen. None of the many warriors who stood in her path in the early years of her rise lasted more than a few seconds. It is said that she consumed the souls of her enemies, drawing power from them to fuel her strange powers.

The Blood Queen had claimed total dominion over Orur after only three years of gathering loyal followers and destroying her enemies. She immediately went on a campaign to secure her power, butchering any potential enemies and purging their bloodlines. After only a few months of her rule, she was feared to the point that nobody dared to stand against her and her ruthless, psychotic loyalists.

It was not long after that that she took advantage of the still-recovering state of the kingdoms of Castresanos after their war against the Vampire Baron Dalrakain. The war was a tremendous blow to the fragile kingdoms, and many of them surrendered within a matter of weeks. Historians speculate that had the invasion continued, The Blood Queen could have united the entirety of Castresanos under her banner within a decade. However, fate intervened back in her homeland of Orur. Skilled warrior hermits living in the wilderness had gathered in secret, and with the majority of her forces waging war abroad they struck at her directly. It was a ferocious battle, but in the end the Blood Queen was driven from Ordu’bai, her power stripped from her. The new queen of Orur withdrew the country’s armies from the kingdoms, and agreed to provide assistance to repair the damage that the Blood Queen has done. Ma’ro herself, however, was not ready to surrender her power.

Shortly after, she and her remaining followers went on a spee of kidnappings throughout the country, eventually gathering them in a valley deep in the dangerous wilderness of the country. There she partook in a great ritual that culminated in the simultaneous sacrifice of ten thousand innocents, and released their bodies floating into what was thereafter known as the Sanguine Sea. When the armies of Orur were sent to destroy her, they were faced down with an army of spectres and other spiritual horrors that their steel could not harm. The Blood Queen and her army of ghosts would threaten the safety of Orur for years to come, seemingly unstoppable from behind the impregnable walls of the Crimson Hall.

She was finally stopped after another decade of terror and slaughter, with clerics of Lethray helping to dispell her army of corrupted spirits. However, given her power of souls, it was believed that her death would only give her greater power – giving her a uniquely deadly spectral form that would give her powers rivaling that of the gods themselves. Thus, instead of killing her, The Blood Queen was bound in chains and locked in the deepest dungeons of her own castle. The Speaker gave her the “gift” of unending life like that of a High Elf, and the warriors of Orur formed the Crimson Guard – an elite army of Orur’s most skilled and fearless warriors dedicated to preventing the Blood Queen from escaping her eternal imprisonment. There she waits to this day, powerless but undying, endlessly plotting her escape and revenge. The Crimson Guard is forever on alert for any who would try to release her, but in the centuries since the foundation of the Crimson Guard the outer walls of the hall have never been breached.

Historical Figure: Raxaal Ma'ro

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