Historical Figure: Baron Dalrakain

Scourge of Eastern Castesanos


Dalrakain was the king of one of the old kingdoms of Eastern Castresanos, from before the Dragon Wars. Little is known about the early years of his rule as many of the records from the eastern kingdoms were destroyed when Siraknos reduced them to the great waste. However, history still tells of his great invasion of the other kingdoms in the east, during which he was revealed to be a powerful vampire.

Dalrakain continued his campaign of war for centuries, and the other kingdoms of Castresanos lacked the ability to unite to stand against him. One by one the kingdoms in the east fell to his ruinous armies – armies which legends say were supplemented by demons, monsters, and endless legions of undead. Historical accounts imply that Dalrakain was a strategic mastermind, outmaneuvering armies that greatly outnumbered his own in the early days of conquest.

His doom came when he decided to send his armies south into Orur. There his armies were slowly forced into a standstill, with each side winning and losing battles in equal measure, gaining and losing territory almost monthly. The final blow for Dalrakain’s army came when Orur formed an alliance with the Ecclesiarchy of Lethray. The Paladins and Clerics of the Crusader and the Lightbringer shattered his cursed host, driving Dalrakain into the mountains as their purifying magic overwhelmed even his dark tactical genius.

At the end of the war, a group of Lethray’s most powerful paladins journeyed into the mountains at the northern border of Orur. Though none of them returned from the journey, The Speaker – the ageless leader Lethray – confirmed that they had given their lives to destroy the vampiric abomination. With his word, the war was declared ended, and neither Dalrakain nor his spawn have been seen or heard of in the many centuries that have since passed.

Historical Figure: Baron Dalrakain

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