Historical Figure: Archmage Tirandis

Founder of the Mage's College of Callarea


Remembered as a burly man in his mid thirties, the man known only as Tirandis was the very image of dashing heroism. His green eyes were passionate and quick to express whatever emotion he felt, and his hair was warm, dark brown until the end of his days. Most portraits of the man today show him with a smile.


The powerful wizards known only as Tirandis has remained for centuries something of an enigma, even to the wisest scholars of the Magocracy of Callarea. Very little is known about his past before the day he met with several other arcane spellcasters in the lonely pub in what was then the northernmost reaches of the Lethray Ecclesiarchy, but his life after was very well catalogued. It is said that Tirandis, then a young man of only 17, rallied several other wizards and sorcerers together to stand against the Holy Paladin Order of the Ecclesiarchy in defense of their worshipping Shelraia, the Shrouded Maiden in 560 BU. That incident erupted into full blown rebellion, and the first Lethray Civil War began.

Tirandis proved to be a wizard of prodigious skill and creativity, and his genius also extended to the arts of strategy and tactics. Though he was the youngest of all the leaders of the Callarean rebellion, he quickly assumed command of the entirety of rebellion operations. His charm and skills at negotiation even managed to ensure the neutrality of the Kingdoms of Castresanos, and his mastery of the arcane arts proved to be far too much for the Lethray army to contest.

Even so, the war lasted thirty years due to the Ecclesiarchy’s superior numbers and discipline. Though every battle Tirandis led was a victory, the overall war effort often managed to counteract any progress he managed to achieve in his part of the battlefield. Though he managed to hold the armies of the Ecclesiarchy at bay for as long as he did, he knew that it could not last indefinitely.

With this weighing on his mind, he knew that he had to take drastic measures to win the war for Callarean independance. With that he made his way to the crystal spire of The Speaker himself, battling his way through scores of Paladins and warrior-priests until he burst into the Speaker’s chambers.

As is oft the way with battles in which The Speaker was involved, very little is known about what transpired between the two men that day. But when they emerged – though both were apparently unharmed – The Speaker announced Lethray’s surrender to the forces of Tirandis, ending the civil war.

Tirandis lived out the rest of his days working for the benefit of the kingdom he had created and been chosen to rule. He built the mage’s college as a dream of universal enlightenment and study, and was fervent in his belief that all people in Callarea should have the chance to worship and study as they choose so long as it did not come at the price of harming others’ freedom to do so as well. While he was archmage of Callarea the kingdom knew an era of peace, equality and prosperity, and he survived just long enough to see his college opened to the public. After the gates opened, it is said, he died in his sleep with a smile on his face, content with the kingdom he had fought to create.

Historical Figure: Archmage Tirandis

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