Ferindel Camorrien

Paladin of Lethray


Ferindel stands taller than most, shorter than some, and hotter than almost all. He’s a bit imposing when he’s in Paladin mode, which he defaults to around strangers. Once he’s warmed up to someone, he’s much friendlier but still takes himself terminally seriously. Despite being over 170, he is still naive and a little unused to life outside Lethray. On occasion his odd innocence shines through, but more frequently he covers it over in a thick layer of piety. Now that he has made friends outside Lethray, he is beginning to question the severity of his upbringing. But change is slow in making its way through his skull.


Ferindel was born on the road to Vashnian, the son (and, so far as he knows) only child to a silversmith and a Paladin of the Golden Company. His parents have since separated and he spent most of his upbringing with his father, whose business on the Company kept him distant and severe. If asked, Ferindel will always speak well of his father, but he runs out of things to say rather quickly and seems almost too convinced of them.

Before his graduation and departure, he enjoyed a brief (by the standards of high elves) courtship with Carrennaia Lellandienn, one of the other Paladins in his class. He and she are presently betrothed, though he finds himself wondering more than perhaps he should whether it is meant to be. As far as he knows, she is stationed to the Lethray-Callarea border, but that may well have changed.

Since leaving Lethray ten years ago, Ferindel has wandered through Callarea (albeit briefly), Utand, and now Norianir. He sought out evil as best he could but found very little, making few friends and staying nowhere long. When he made it to Three Streams, he was at the end of his rope. He figured evil might come to him if he stayed somewhere longer than a few days, and wouldn’t you know it but here it is, practically gift-wrapped. Who knew fate was so capricious.


Ferindel Camorrien

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