Declan Whitecrest

Ard-Righ of Utand


A tall and blindingly handsome Sylvan Elf with long black hair and sparkling emerald eyes, Declan Whitecrest is the epitome of dashing heroism. He dresses in greens and silvers, and always carries a sword at his side. Declan radiates strength and confidence, and inspires those around him to loyalty and trust.


Declan Whitecrest was the second son of the Whitecrest family, and as such was long believed to become the heir to the business side of the family, one of the wealthiest in Utand. However, Declan showed skill from a young age in leadership and military pursuits, and eventually worked himself into a position of military command for Westmark Hold. For several years the Kingsguard was courting him as well, tempting him with offers of a path that would eventually lead him to commanding the entire army. It is said that Declan was sorely tempted by the offer, and would have accepted had fate not intervened.

Several years ago, Declan’s elder brother and heir to the Whitecrest family died in a tragic accident at sea, his ship getting caught in a terrible storm. Worse still, their father had also been on the same ship, and had likewise perished in the storm. Now the head to the entire family, Declan had to decline his invitations to the Kingsguard in order to attend to the duties of the Righ of Westmark. He took to the job well, but those close to him have long said that he regrets not taking the Kingsguard on their offer earlier.

Several years ago, the former Ard-Righ Eamon Greatmane began showing signs of madness from his advanced years, and Declan was the first Righ to arrive at the Obsidian Throne. Before Declan was even able to give his challenge, Eamon Greatmane’s assassins attacked him in the throne room to prevent him from delivering the challenge. Declan managed to slay them all, and still bleeding and sickened from the poison of the assassins’ blades, Declan declared his challenge. Even though he was poisoned and gravely injured by the assassination attempt, Declan barely managed to strike the man down, taking the Obsidian Crown and declaring himself the new Ard-Righ of Utand. Upon hearing of the valor and tenacity of the Sylvan elf, the other Righs who had been on their way to challenge Eamon Greatmane instead arrived at Anabaias to offer Declan their fealty.

Since then Declan has proved a skilled politician, and is one of the most popular Ard-Righs in Utand’s history. Under his rule the country has prospered greatly, and has enjoyed stronger alliances than ever before due to his skills at business and negotiation of trade alliances trained into him from a young age.

Declan Whitecrest

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