Baron Willem Grisbane

Military Adviser to Lord Duncan Black


A handsome man, though aged beyond his years, Baron Willem Grisbane looks very much like a man who was once a great knight but who has fallen from his prime years into a long and comfortable autumn. His hair is a dark silver and his face bears some scars from long wars. He is not a powerfully built man, rather slender and wiry, and his build reflects his indulgence in the comforts of age and position.


Baron Willem Grisbane is the patriarch of one of the most prominent noble families in the region surrounding Deepwatch. His family descends from prospectors and miners, who discovered a very deep and bountiful iron mine a century and a half ago. After earning the rights to all the profits from said mine, Willem’s grandfather quickly became one of the wealthiest men in the region, and his business savvy took him far. He purchased large tracts of land and established lucrative trade routes that brought great prosperity to Deepwatch and the surrounding towns, earning him status as a Baron which has been passed down to Willem.

Though perhaps not as skilled a businessman and land owner as his grandfather, Baron Willem proved himself a skilled warrior and cunning strategist during the long campaign against the Orc warband that nearly conquered Deepwatch entirely. During the war he built a fast and close friendship with Duncan Black, who would later become Lord of the region. Once the campaign was over, Willem was named Lord Duncan’s chief military adviser, much to the chagrin of some of the other local lords from older, more renowned families.

Willem lives at his castle several miles from Deepwatch where he oversees the iron mines and a major trading crossroads in the region. His son, Ser Devan Grisbane, is the captain of Duncan’s personal guard and considered Deepwatch’s finest knight. Though his daughter and wife were lost to sickness, Baron Willem strives to maintain a positive outlook on his life, and is rarely seen without some measure of joviality about him.

However, it seems that much of this may have been a ruse. Disguising himself as Thorneth Toben to frame her and her comrades, Baron Willem stabbed Lord Duncan Black through the heart, killing him instantly.

Baron Willem Grisbane

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