Legends of Arcur

Session 8

The Return South

The party was approached in the morning by a woman in a hood, who offered a warning that they were all in grave danger. She advised them to travel southwards, as there were signs in that direction of the danger brewing in Deepwatch and the surrounding area. When she was asked why she came to them, she admitted that she was concerned for the safety of someone she loved deeply. Thorneth suggested a suspicion that the woman was Sylvia Brightshield, wife of Devan Grisbane.

Hans was arrested in the early morning, and the party opted to set out without him after his guarantees that he would find them on the road. They found that the Black and Silvers seemed disenclined to allow them to leave, and some subterfuge was needed to secure their departure from the city. They journeyed southwards, passing by the castle of the Grisbane family and finding it surrounded by refugees. They heard that the bulk of Grisbane’s military forces had been recalled to the castle, abandoning the southern reaches to the growing orc horde that had driven these people from their homes. Further, the castle was not allowing them safety. The party offered the refugees the needed coin to flee further north before continuing on their way.

Later on their journey, they found the iron mines that have long fueled the Grisbane family’s wealth. They discovered that it had been converted into a tremendous hidden forge, crafting an army’s worth of well-forged armor and weapons of high quality steel. Given the size of some of the armor, it was clear that this was where the armor on the giants had come from. They took a prisoner before making their escape, and convinced him to swear his testimony to Lord Duncan’s Court.

Finally, they reached Three Streams, finding it on the edge of a massive assault from the approaching horde. Verathan and Stone Fist asked for the party’s help in securing the civilians’ escape from the city, but noted that to do so would require them to help hold off the vanguard force of the main horde. The party agreed to do so, and after rallying many volunteers from the populace to help defend either the caravan or the town, prepared for battle.


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