Legends of Arcur

Session 4

The Butcher's Fall

After only a few nights at the post, the party found themselves under attack – not by bandits, as they had expected, but a raiding band of goblins and worgs. They surrounded the compound where the Gnome had made his trading post, and began to lay siege to it, not believing that their target was truly gone.

The party made their stand, making good use of the defenses that the trading post had employed to deter bandits and the like. With a mixture of tactical spell use and stalwart bravery, the group bested the attack from the southern entrance with little difficulty. They then turned to the force attacking the northern gate, where they were faced with a greater threat – Rorick the Butcher himself.

With a bloodthirsty roar, the furious Kor outlaw charged Thorneth, whose newly-developed magical powers did little to protect her from the Butcher’s brutal onslaught. While the rest of the group tried to bog down the Butcher’s goblin lackeys, Ferindel rushed to Thorneth’s defense, engaging the stronger Kor in close combat. He would have been overwhelmed if not for the aid of his comrades, who managed to bring the butcher down – alive, but helpless. With their leader beaten and their numbers greatly reduced, the goblins fled into the night.

The group bound Rorick tightly for questioning, finding him to be a surprisingly well spoken man, fierce in his convictions. He claimed to be working not for himself, but for a Hobgoblin Warlord in the Waste – Ish’Nakai. He claimed that the Hobgoblin was building an army of all Goblinkind – Hobgoblins, Goblins, Orcs and even Kor – to rage across Norianir with a thirst for conquest. He claimed to be doing this because he saw it to be the right thing, a beacon to set things right and unify the goblinoid people for the first time in thousands of years. In the end, he asked to not be dragged back to Three Streams to face a farce of a trial, but instead requested that Ferindel execute him with the Kor’s own axe. The Paladin complied with the Kor’s request, but not before Rorick gave them a message to relay to his “friend” Captain Stone-Fist -

“When the offer comes, accept it. It is sincere and in good faith.”

The group returned to Three Streams with Rorick’s head. Though they did not relay the Butcher’s message, they told the Captain of the other claims Rorick had made regarding an army. Though the idea seemed impossible, the thought of such an uprising was deemed worthy enough of their attention to pass on to the forces of Deepwatch. Fresh off their victory over the bandit lord, Captain Stone-Fist tasked them to carry the warning north so that the armies of Lord Duncan Black would be ready for the feared coming invasion.


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