Legends of Arcur

Session 1

Fire in the Night

The party began their adventure dining at the Naughty Nymph Inn and Tavern. While hearing of the town’s misfortunes – many of their supply carts having been attacked and seized while in route to the town. As they spoke, one of the guardsmen entered the inn, clearly weary from combat. He spoke of how he and two other guards were attacked on the road south of Three Streams by a murderous outlaw named Rorick the Butcher, who killed one and gravely wounded another. The adventurers – seeing the bounty for the killer – resolved to leave the next day to track Rorick down and bring him to justice.

In the night, however, the were woken by an attack on the town. Bandits had managed to get past the walls, and were wreaking havoc in the streets. Standing together in battle for the first time, the party repelled an attack on the inn from five armed men, killing four and taking the fifth prisoner. They then rushed to the aid of the rest of the town guard, and found them driving off the remaining criminals near the burning town granary. While some of the food storage was recovered, most of it was destroyed in the fire.

The party learned from their captive that he was from one of many bandit camps recruited to work together for this attack, under the apparent command of Rorick the Butcher himself. After staying long enough to see their prisoner hanged for his crimes, the party was given some supplies for their travels before heading out into the wilds to hunt down their new quarry.


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