Legends do not exist in the past alone.

The lands of Arcur are beginning to change.

The great scholars of the kingdoms can see only fragments of what is happening, but even the lowest peasant can feel that there has been a shift in the tides of fate. Something is brewing, something strange and powerful, threatening like the distant thunder of an oncoming storm. The seers of the kingdoms see little into the future, only the empty fog of uncertainty. In the heart of every man, woman and child of every race, the tight feeling of apprehension begins to grow. The only thing that can be certain is that something is coming, and everyone can feel it in their gut. It is as though the world itself is holding its breath waiting for the hammer to fall, and with the age of heroes long since past, who will be able to stop its descent?

But as the seers of the great mage’s college in Callarea will attest, fate makes a habit of setting things in motion that nobody could have predicted. Even when things seem to be at their most dire, the greatest cataclysm is always met with an equal and opposing force. And so the question on the mind of the world’s scholars is not the cause of the building tension in the fabric of Arcur… but what will stand to hold the line when that force arrives.

Legends of Arcur

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